Why Investors Choose McCormack Realty

We will rent your home within 30 days or your first month’s management fee is on us! Typical tenant procurement time is less than two weeks! We spend time and money on an individual advertising campaign for each home by utilising the most advanced listing system and online marketing program for your property.

Maximize Your Rental Income – All our owners tell us we are the most cost effective management company they’ve ever had! We  specialize in reducing your running costs and maximizing your rental income. There are no mystery charges on your management statement and you can keep tabs on what we’re doing with your tenants and property 24/7 through our online portal. Transparency and trust are not just words, they’re fundamental to the way we run our company.

Maintenance Issues – When a tenant needs something fixing, we’ll send you an email so you know what’s going on. Depending on your management program we may take photos of before and after photos as well as uploading the invoice to your owner portal. Detailed property inspections are also available and with these we can send you a report complete with photo’s. 

Choose Your Tenants – All applicants are screened for criminal, background, employment status and their income verified. We trust our gut feelings when we interview potential tenants, then if we like what we see on the reports and they seem like a good fit for your home we’ll ask for your approval.

Relationships are Key – Good relationships with our rental owners and tenants are key factors in our continued success. After speaking with us, you’ll know that we truly will be your eyes and ears and will look after your property as if it were our own. Your home will be looked after by caring, professionals. Our bottom line is your peace of mind.

I would like to say a big thank you to you and all the staff for the professional way our home as been looked after – this past year has been a breeze for me, knowing it’s in safe hands.

Rental Home Owner, Indian Point Kissimmee, Florida

After being let down and disappointed with previous management companies, we were sceptical at first. But over the years they have taken great care of our villa and us too. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. They sold our villa for us this year and everything went seamlessly. When another family member wanted to sell his villa. I picked up the phone called them and they sold his within a month. Other companies promise you the world and let you down. McCormack Realty & Renters Choice are the people you want to deal with if you have a home in Florida.

Rental Home Owner, Doral Woods Kissimmee, Florida

After having Renters Choice successfully look after my home for many years, it was time to sell. I was able to cash out and get the price I wanted. The whole process was much easier than I had thought. It makes all the difference when you have people that you know you can trust. I’m thinking about buying another much smaller home and will have them take care of that one too. You always know where you stand with them. Thank you Anne-Marie and team you are the best in Florida

Rental Home Owner, Linfields Kissimmee, Florida

The management and rental of our home was a nightmare. You would not and could not believe what happened to us, with our previous management companies and tenants. Lets just say we were seriously out of pocket, with them leasing to tenants who weren’t qualified for anything except prison time. There was thousands of dollars worth of damage and almost a year without receiving any funds.

Thank God, we found McCormack Realty and Renters Choice Homes. They are the only honest management company that we have found. They take good care of our home and our tenants pay their rent!

The right management company makes all the difference. If they had been our first management company, I’m not sure we might have appreciated how easy they make things for us. The peace of mind that comes with regular reports and rental income is priceless! I would highly recommend them to anyone. If and when we decide to sell- We’ll be asking them to do that for us too!


Rental Home Owner, Club Corteil, Kissimmee, Florida

I am a serious real estate investor and I have other rental homes elsewhere. I’m very happy with McCormack Realty & Renters Choice for my Florida property management. I’ve been with Anne-Marie’s management since 2003. They are honest, keep me in the picture, efficient, cost effective and polite.

Rental Home Owner, four Corners, Davenport Florida

Dear Anne-Marie,

Just a positive stoke from the Johnsons!

Renter’s Choice have always dealt with us fairly and efficiently and have done everything we have ever asked them, over and above the call of duty at times. It is always nice to know that, when you are thousands of miles away from your property, you have a company you can rely on to sort out any problems and assist with the day to day running of your home and that you are leaving it is safe hands.

Renter’s Choice is that company; we had tried various firms before and were charged a small fortune, let down repeatedly and, in fact, some places even escalated costs to the owner to keep their staff employed. Thank goodness we finally found a down to earth, honest property handling company who have always done their best and are friendly and accessible. If you wish to publish this on your website, feel free.

Thanks and kind regards


Rental Home Owner, Lake Davenport Estates, Davenport, Florida

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Property Rental Maintenance and Repairs

Property Rental Maintenance and Repairs

Property Rental-Maintenance and Repairs Being a property owner in Kissimmee, Fla. is outstanding even though it does come with maintenance and repairs on your property, yet it does bring up a tremendous set of benefits. You can rent your apartment/home, or...

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