Tenants Questions & Answers

How Do I Pay My Rent

Pay your rent online EFT (electronic funds transfer) is the quickest and easiest way to pay your rent on time, just log into our online system. This also gives you an instant confirmation and real time updates. You can see reports and statements of all payments received and credited directly into your rental account. You will need to enter your checking account details which are private and secure.

Pay by post The second way is to mail your certified check, personal check or money order which is due on the 1st and late by 5pm on the 3rd. In order to avoid late payment fees and legal late notices being posted on your front door  it must be postmarked by the 3rd. Don’t forget to call or email us to tell us the check is in the mail.

Pay in person Finally you can bring your certified/personal check or money order into our office. We’re located at 1631 E. Vine Street, Suite B, Kissimmee, Florida 34744

Home Owner Associations

Each neighborhood has deed restrictions and a vigilant Home Owner Association to ensure the community is a nice place to live for all its residents. Here are some of the most typical restrictions in a residential community. No commercial vehicles, boats, RV’s, trailers allowed on driveways or parked over night on the street. No parking on the grass. Visitors may need to park in designated areas.

On trash days, ensure that you bring your empty trash cans back up the drive before dusk. Please place them inside the garage or out of sight from street or neighbors. Keep your pet on a leash at all times. Don’t let pets foul other peoples’ property. Remember to carry your pooper scooper with you when walking them in the neighborhood. Keep your grass cut and landscaping neat and tidy. Replace any dead spots in the grass promptly. Be a good neighbor, especially observe quiet time after 9pm and before 7am. We will tell you if your H.O.A has more rules. Remember that  if you break the rules and the owner gets fined, violation notices and charges will be passed on to you.

Taking Care of Your Home

Lawns & gardens – You will be responsible for taking care of the lawn and landscaping. Please keep the grass in good shape, it needs watering twice weekly. Trim the bushes and landscaping regularly and apply weed and feed at least 2 to 6 times a year.

Pets – Most rental owners understand that families have pets. So, it’s company policy to allow pets with a pet fee, which is non refundable and non transferable. Like you, pets need to be approved, we’ll need to see them and keep a photo on file.

Swimming Pools – If the home you lease has a pool, you need to obey strict pool safety rules. No unattended children under the age of 16, no running or horse play and no glasses or china in the pool area, use plastic ware to avoid accidents. No coins in the pool – they rust. No pets in the pool – hairs clog the filters. No diving, most Florida pools are less than 6ft deep. If you have children, please ensure that all doors and windows leading to the pool area remain locked at all times. A second to check could save you a lifetime of agony.

The pool is serviced weekly; to balance the chemicals take care of the controls, equipment, timers and surface brushing as required. If there is a storm after a period of dry weather, dust from the pool screen will end up at the bottom of the pool. Use the pool brush provided to brush any debris towards the main drain. Please keep all pool screen doors closed and don’t lean on the fragile screens. Be very careful when cutting grass or plants around the exterior as strimmers will tear the screening.

Pest Control –  Optional Your home maybe treated against pests on a quarterly basis and treated both inside and out. If you are suddenly overrun with ants or roaches they will return and re-treat the property. Operatives will call you to advise when they’re coming and you don’t need to be home while they spray. Only State approved pesticides, non-toxic to humans and animals are used.

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