Rent Your Villa with Pool in Orlando

Own a holiday villa in Florida and not going as often as you used too? Is your rental income covering your bills? We did short term rentals from 1991 to 2004 and know first-hand how time consuming and fruitless it can be.

More often than not, the dream of having a second home pay for itself with holiday rentals is still just a dream, leaving you to carry the financial burden. We’re not here to make big promises, just to help you make the most of your investment. Our long term rental programs start from $99 per month.

Is it time to look for a sensible solution to stop the drain on your financial resources? Maybe you don’t want to sell your home, as you are thinking about spending some of your retirement in the sunshine state.  Long term rentals may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. We have over twenty years’ experience with rentals that you can count on. A recent poll of our owners revealed, one of the main reasons that they stay with us is ‘Trust’. Even the ones that haven’t met us in person ‘Trust’ that we have their best interests at heart and are very responsive to their concerns. ‘Your peace of mind is our bottom line’.

Demand is high and supply is low of good quality rental homes. Unlike other areas, not everyone living in Florida wants to own their own home. We run extensive background checks on all applicants including credit, criminal, employment, previous landlords and references. We turn away qualified applicants daily. If we would be happy with them renting our home, then we’ll ask your permission to rent them yours. The leases are renewable yearly. Rental income is paid monthly into your Florida or UK bank. References are available upon request.
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