When you have your own backyard pool, or if you own a rental home in Florida we recommend the use of a professionally licensed company to look after your swimming pool. We use the same licensed and insured company for all our rental home pools. If something is wrong with anyones pool we know who to call straight away. If your home is under professional home management and you want to use your own pool contractor, it can be very problematic for any management company who has no leverage over them to enforce high standards. We don’t recommend owners service their rental home pool themselves, there will be liability issue in the event of an alleged accident or sickness that could be blamed on or related to the pool. A skilled professional will be able to check the pool equipment and help keep it maintained properly. It also affords you an extra set of eyes at the home each week and reporting to the managers if they see anything untoward happening at your home.Screened Pool

Regular chlorinated and salt-water pools need to be serviced weekly, to have chemicals balanced and the pool brushed, skimmer baskets and filters cleaned as required. Filters tend to work better when they’re slightly dirty. There is a pressure gauge on the equipment that the pool technician will check to ensure the filtration system is working at optimum level.

When taking a sample of pool water, remember to collect it in a clean jar or container and scooped from two foot under the surface so the chemical content can be accurately tested. Testing surface water is unreliable because the sun destroys the chemicals from the first few inches. Most local pool supply stores will test the water for free as long as you buy your pool chemicals from them.

private swimming pool The pool should always look clear and blue. Certain colored tiles and finishes can make the pool look green or with a lagoon-style finish the pool may look muddy brown.

Generally speaking, if the pool looks green it usually means it has yellow mustard algae on the walls or the bottom and no one should swim in it until it has been treated. Change your pool filter every year and don’t leave the old one by the outdoor trash, it alerts passers by that there’s a brand new filter in the pool. New pool filters are often stolen, sometimes by neighbors and occasionally by the pool guys! Remember to write your address on the filter with a large permanent marker, which should help deter thieves. Some filters may last up to two years but it depends on the type of filter, the amount of use the pool gets and the filtration system used.

Safety in and around the pool is always a major concern. Children do drown in backyard pools every year; the shimmering water is very appealing to children and can also be dangerous.

In order to comply with health and safety advise we recommend the following: You will need a warning sign and depth markers mounted in the pool area. These can often be purchased from your local pool supply store. The sign should detail things like, no children under the age of sixteen should be allowed by the pool without adult supervision. No running, no diving, no glass in the pool area etc. Depth marker detailing the shallow end (3’) and deep end of the pool (6’) can be mounted or painted on the pool deck. Pool alarms or a child safety fence should also be installed and the tenants encouraged to use them and if they are damaged or broken to ensure a swift repair or replacement.

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