How To Deal With A Non-Responsive Property Manager

This article explores how to deal with a non-responsive Property Manager. Sadly, when your phone calls and emails go unanswered, you’re dealing with a non-responsive Orlando property management company. You wonder what’s happening and who cares for your investment property. But don’t worry; there are steps you can take to regain control and ensure your property is managed effectively.

Role of a Property Management Company

How To Deal With a non-responsive  property manager
Is it Time To Fire Your Property Manager

A property management company in the Orlando area is vital in managing your rental property. They are tasked with running the day-to-day operations, including collecting rent from tenants, addressing tenant complaints, coordinating property maintenance and repairs, and ensuring the property complies with local and state housing laws. They act as the intermediary between you and your tenants, allowing you to reap the benefits of property ownership without the everyday hassles. That’s why a non responsive property manager isn’t a good situation to be in for you or your tenants.

Expectations from a Property Management Company

As the property owner, your expectations from a property management company are justified. You want a company that’s professional, reliable, and responsive. They should update you about your property, handle emergencies promptly, and ensure your tenants are satisfied. They should also work proactively to minimize vacancies and maximize your rental income. Remember, they’re not just managing any property—they’re managing your investment. Please read our article about how to find a good property management company in Orlando.

How To Deal With A Non-Responsive Property Manager: Signs of Non-Responsiveness

Non-responsiveness can come in various forms. It could be unanswered phone calls, emails that never receive replies, maintenance requests that are consistently delayed, or tenant concerns that need to be addressed. Non-responsiveness can also manifest as a lack of transparency in their operations, such as not providing regular reports or failing to inform you about important issues related to your property, and not paying your rental income into your bank account.

Impact of Non-Responsiveness Property Managers

The impact of non-responsiveness can be detrimental to both you and your tenants. If they report maintenance issues that are not being addressed, more than likely, they’ll want to move out. This can cause frequent vacancies, which in turn reduces your rental income. Additionally, paying attention to property maintenance can prevent property value from declining. If tenant concerns are not addressed, it can even lead to legal issues. Legal rental home standards must be maintained, and the tenants have rights too. If they are ignoring you, chances are that they are not responding to the tenant’s concerns either.

Taking Action Against Non-Responsive Property Manager

Your first step should always be to communicate your concerns with the company. Please pick up the phone and call them and express your concerns. If they don’t answer, leave a voicemail stating you expect a callback. If you’re not called back within forty-eight business hours, Write them an official letter or email stating your concerns and what they should do about it. Remember, everyone makes mistakes; sometimes, something gets forgotten, or they may be unaware of the problem or experiencing temporary issues.

If there’s been a recent hurricane or tornado in your area, the phones and internet might not be working. If so, give them plenty of time to contact you after a major storm; perhaps a week would give them ample time to find a way to reach their investor homeowners. As soon as the internet has been restored, we send out an email blast to all owners telling them what’s happening and when they can expect to hear from us about their home. Technology has transformed property management, and they should be able to find some way to contact online once services have been restored.

How To Deal With A Non-Responsive Property Manager: Are They Still In Business?

Some property management companies close their business and fail to notify their investor homeowners. This rarely happens with licensed real estate brokers regulated by the Florida Real Estate Commission. It can happen more frequently with short-term property management companies that don’t have to comply with Florida Real Estate Laws.

Check online for information, reviews, or articles about the company. Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster, and others may have the same issues. Look at their social media to see if they’re posting updates. Contact the county’s business tax office, other owners, or even other property management companies locally to ask them if they know if your property management company is still in business. If they’re still in business, the next step is documenting your issues.

Documenting Your Issues

If you notice that the issues persist after communicating your concerns, it’s time to start documenting everything. Keep a record of all your communication attempts—calls, emails, letters—and the company’s response or lack thereof. Also, please document the issues you’re facing. This could be vital evidence if you decide to take legal action or terminate your contract. Look for clauses in your contract that detail how much notice you need to give them to terminate the agreement and what is considered a breach of contract.

Seeking Legal Advice

If your property management company still needs to improve its service, consider seeking legal advice. Property management laws vary by state, so a local attorney specializing in landlord-tenant law can help you understand your rights and options.

What to Look for in a New Company

When looking for a new property management company, please consider its reputation in the industry. Review other property owners’ reviews and check their standing with the local Better Business Bureau. Consider the range of services they provide and whether they align with your property’s needs. Also, consider their communication style—are they prompt in responding to your queries?

Finally, examine their fee structure, is it all-inclusive, or are there extras you must pay for as and when they arise? A low or discounted monthly management fee usually means they have extra charges to compensate for the shortfall or provide minimal services. There is a cost of doing business in every industry, and no one works for free. f you live out of state or overseas, you need a full-service property management company that is responsive and provides you with a complete comprehensive package of services. If you need help or further advice, contact us at 407-933-2367 in the UK at 0161-300-9595 or email:

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Anne-Marie McCormack

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