Bugs: It really is impossible in Florida with our tropical climate to be “bug free”. We recommend that Florida landlords include standard pest control services for ants and roaches in the rent. Bugs climb up your drains, enter under doors and find access through all kinds of cracks and crevices. There isn’t a way to keep bugs out of any Florida home. Effective pest control slows the bugs down once contact has been made with the bait and poison left for them to eat. If you find dead bugs in your home your pest control is working fine!  What pest control doesn’t do is put an invisible shield around your home!

Termites and other wood destroying creatures are not normally included in traditional monthly or quarterly pest control services. It’s a specialist service and includes a yearly inspection for these particular pests that can literally eat your home from the inside out whilst revealing so few signs of the havoc they are wreaking.

Most companies treat every five years and inspect yearly and if they discover anything during their inspection, your optional termite bond should cover the cost of treatment and or repair, but it depends on the small print on the policy. I’ve owned and managed homes both with and without termite bonds and can’t say from experience which is better, bearing the cost of the bond or the cost of potential repairs. I haven’t managed many homes that have needed repairs due to termite damage however those that were affected cost between several hundred to a few thousand to put right.

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