What you need to know as an owner of a rental home when a severe storm threatens your property.

1) Ask if your management company if they have, ‘Storm policies and procedures in place’. If they don’t have storm policies and procedures in place…run for the hills.

2) Who is going to check your home after the storm has passed. If no one is scheduled to do this…run for the hills.

3) Have you sent your property manager a copy of your current insurance policy, if not, there’s no time like the present. If your property manager asks you why, you sent your insurance policy to them…run for the hills.

4) Please take this opportunity to check your insurance policy and add your management company as additional insured. This shouldn’t cost you any extra. It will allow them to coordinate with your insurance company directly. If not, the insurance company may only want to deal with you. If your property manager says they don’t help process claims for owners…run for the hills.

5) Will your management company be just relying on tenants to report any storm damage. Every home should be at least checked from the outside for storm damage by a maintenance supervisor or property manager. If not, run for the hills.

6) If your home is in Florida, chances are you will have some blown out screen panels, even if the storm didn’t come that close to your home. Most insurance policies don’t cover screen damage, please double check yours.

7) Will your management company be sending you a detailed report of any storm damage with photographs. Will they be able to send it to you and copy the insurance company with a few of days of the damage….. If not, run for the hills.

8) Do they have a maintenance team in place to provide temporary weather proofing to your home, if needed. If not, run for the hills.

9) Who will meet with your insurance claims assessor at your home. If your property manager suggests that the tenants can do this…run for the hills.

10) If your tenants have had to move out as the home is uninhabitable, will your insurance cover you for loss of income.

11) It’s best not to undertake major repairs until you’re certain that your insurance company has authorized the claim. Ensure your property manager knows this if not…. run for the hills.

12) Check to see if your insurance company needs the repair work carried out by a licensed and insured building contractor.

13) Ask your management company if they will be able to handle the additional work needed to bring your home back to standard.  If not…you know what…run for the hills.

If you’re not getting the responses you need from your management company and your home is located in Kissimmee, St Cloud, Davenport or Orlando, why not give us a call and find out why our owners don’t run for the hills.  407 933 2367


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