There’s A Time To Buy And A Time To Sell

If you feel your time as a Florida property owner is coming to an end, we can help you sell your home. As one owner said, ‘We are free to roam the world again and no longer tied to coming back to Orlando year after year. And boy does that feel good’. Other told us, ‘I’m done with worrying about a home thousands of miles away’. Whatever your reasons are to sell your home, call us. We can help you sell your home in Kissimmee, Orlando or Davenport Florida

We used to own and operate a popular nationwide franchise and learned all the tricks of buying and selling. We found our investors needed a specialized service to suit their individual needs.  With that in mind, we broke away from the franchise and developed a business model that works well for investors. We are British and American and have experience in both International and US markets. This gives us a unique perspective and understanding that our customers have come to appreciate and trust.

  • Free management when your home is listed for sale with us
  • Realtors to help you in the UK and Florida
  • Extensive free fair market valuation
  • Competitive rates and world class service
  • Effective marketing and advertising
  • Short sales for investors who qualify
  • Experienced negotiators, sales contracts and closing
  • Electronic monitored lock box
  • We check all vacant homes weekly
  • We’re easy to contact and with you every step of the way
  • Call us on 407-933-2367 or 0161-300-9595
  • Email us:

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